Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fixing Image Resolution in Internet Explorer

Do you find images in Internet Explorer a little blurry? Not sure if this is specific to Dell laptops, but I have a Dell Inspirion 600m and some of my friends have later versions of Dell laptops and they all have this problem in IE. IE has a feature called "Use Hi Resolution" that stretches web-pages for Hi-Res screens. This feature was probably introduced to stretch websites designed for lower resolution monitors. Unfortunately, the side effect is ugly blurry images.

The way to fix this is as follows:
  1. Goto Start > Run
  2. Type "regedit" and press enter
  3. In the regedit window, use Edit > Find to look for "Internet Explorer"
  4. Under Internet Explorer look for Main
  5. Under Main look for registry entry "UseHR"
  6. Right click on it and select "Modify"
  7. Change the 1 in Value Data to 0 and exit regedit
  8. Restart IE


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