Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Listen to What you Like

Ever listened to some awesome music and craved to hear more of it's kind? I am sure most of us do. Well then, Pandora is just the right place for you. I went to the site and entered "The Doors" in the box and lo and behold, the box started playing a mellifluous stream of Doorish sounding songs. As if this was not enough, you can talk back to box and tell it if you don't like a song and it will play something else which will sound Doorish too but pick on some different tonal qualities of Doors songs. Pandora tells you why it selected a song for you. And if you like a song you can buy it from Amazon and other places using the link provided. After the dot.com crash, we have seen only a handful interesting apps and their knock-offs, but as a music lover I think Pandora is simply the most interesting and innovative new app. Of course, if someone comes up with a smart algorithm to do the musical analysis, Pandora will be left behind.

Pandora's asset is it's exhaustive database of songs and associated musical patterns. The patterns were identified over a period of 5 years by a team of musicians analyzing songs using 400 different tonal qualities. One can say that Amazon gives a similar service through its "People who bought this also bought.." feature, but Pandora is in a completely different level. Finding music based on chord, rythm patterns, and other tonal qualities is truely awesome.

Pandora gives 10 hrs of music for free and then charges only $36 per year for its service. I think it is a very reasonable price to pay to listen to what you like. Although I am not sure how pandora measures free 10 hrs. It started playing music for me without asking for my email. If it uses cookies, then all I need to do is clean up my cookies to get 10 more hours. If it uses IP address, then the 10 hours will be used up pretty quickly by people behind a large corporate firewall.

My 2 cents for Pandora: Please open up your music database for users to submit their take on songs. This way you can expand your database. And please partner with some satellite radio company like XM Radio so that we can take your service on the road.

And my 2 cents to the readers: Check it out, It is really Coool!


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