Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Proposal for Search Engines

The search engines have done a very good job in helping people find the most popular sites satisfying the user's keyword query. This is a great way to discover most talked-about (read linked) sites. But what about discovering news sites and service? The internet is changing every second, and I as a user and more so as a blogger would like to see what are the hottest things coming up in the web. Today, there are websites like that let me browse the undiscovered web, but the point I am trying to make here is that, traditional search engines can simply tap their existing database and provide a service like

Here is the idea:
  1. Have a list of pages that your robot has indexed recently, or that are part of domains registered recently. Have 1 month old as the default and let people change it. Optionally include pages that have changed drastically
  2. Create a list of most popular keywords and group related keywords. The keywords will be like tags in del.ico.ous
  3. Create a page having a search-box and the top keywords in it
  4. When a user looks for a certain keyword, take the user to a page and show results obtained from 1 and in the right side of the page show all the related tags
I believe that a system like this will be invaluable in helping analysts, researchers, hobbyists, investors, and even a common man to explore the web and find new things. I even have a name for this: "Web Explorer" :-)


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