Monday, January 16, 2006

I am off to Wordpress

Wordpress is faster, has cool looking themes, and has lot more interesting features like site statistics and categorization. My new blog is now

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Slashdot vs Digg
In the last few months there have been a few articles from Wired, Techcrunch, and others predicting how digg is gaining over slashdot. Let's ignore traffic statistics for a moment and see the quality of content. Digg is a nice democratic model where the most important news trickles up trhough the support of dedicated diggers. slashdot on the other hand is a oligopoly, run in the same style as a newspaper or magazine. What appears in slashdot rests solely in the hands of a few. As a result, I find the news items in digg more interesting and varied than that in slashdot. Digg is also a new generation website with a nicer interface and good utilities like spellchecker. That said, I think slashdot is still a more interesting place than digg, and the reason is only one - comments. Any item in slashdot has way more comments than digg. The quality of comments in slashdot are way better: slashdot comments are often well thought out, long, witty, informative, or all; digg comments on the other hand are short and uninteresting. Until digg attracts such interesting comments, slashdot will continues to rule.